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    8 El Obour Buildings,
    Salah Salem St.
    Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt



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  • Sometimes wearing shorts was a liability, like in this case when the cold chair touched the back of her thighs, making her momentarily shiver.
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    It s not like you lived at that house we were going into. I know you don t trust me Tanya, he stated confidently, I hope that will change.
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  • As he held her, Reilly's eyes swept the table, settling briefly upon James Houghton, and he laughed softly. No one really knew how it started, but they have served him well.
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    He stepped toward her, drawing very near, and his hands moved from her muff to her shoulders. The same glass gems were sown into the material around the waist over her voluptuous hips and down the left side of the gown where the full length slit bringing a focal point to her lean muscular thigh.
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    We have a wide range of inbound tours that simply covers the best of the Egyptian sightseeing. From Giza Pyramids along the way down to Aswan, Egypt's sunniest southern city & ancient frontier town located about 81 miles ......

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    We offer flexible cruises between Luxor & Aswan with different programs to suit your requirements. We also handle all your visits to the temples and historical sites and offer many optional activities to ensure that you make the most out of .....

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  • The woman who held her hand over her eyes also held an ankle-length brown dress.
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  • She was a striking English woman with rich auburn hair and had the face of a porcelain doll. She d be out of there as soon as she could buy a train ticket, which would be tomorrow.
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